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buzzed, B&W
This site has some really cool election maps. Instead of the standard red/blue maps where you see the majority of the country dominated by red, they do some cartograms, where states have been resized to represent their population (which also correlates to their electoral votes). They do this with both state and county data, which results in some interesting maps. They also have another map that instead of using absolute values of red and blue, shows purple hues as well. It's interesting how blue the map is.

A perfect example of how graphs and statistics can be misleading though - the standard election coverage map most people saw seems to imply that the majority of the country is Republican. Of course, anyone that looked at the popular vote numbers would see that it was a 51% to 48% difference, which is basically what the cartograms show.

This post and map are kind of interesting as well. And it's amazing what correlations some people draw . . .