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Great Conversations
buzzed, B&W
Wow, I just got the list of tables for this years Great Conversations. So much for my talking about the experts not being that great. One of them is Jim Arnold director of Technology Commercialization for SRI, which is definitely not something to sneeze about. For those who don't know, SRI is a pretty cool non-profit that does scientific research, and looks into practical applications of tech. Quick reference card is here. Lots of other interesting folks such as Chrysti the Wordsmith, a poker player, deans, college coaches, etc.

From my first run through the list I've got to say the following tables caught my attention:

2. Artificial Intelligence: get smart — Artificially!
4. Secrets of the Financial Pages: What Does it All Mean?
5. Union, Marriage, Gay or Straight: Is Love Great?
20. The Wal-Martification of America
30 Venus Envy: Evolving Gender Roles and Relationships
34. 2 AM – Time for Bio 101: Technology & the New Higher Ed
36. It Takes a Village to Leave No Child Behind
50. Respecting the Dead: Last Wishes and Other Posthumous Mischief
51. Following Your Bliss: capital hill to the Front Range
54. America’s Poker Explosion: What’s the Big Deal?

So many interesting topics, from science to money, culture to gender roles, education to career choice. Man, I don't know how I'm going to pick just one. Man, I'm such a dork, getting so excited about this. Or maybe it's a sign of intellectual starvation? If that's the case, is it because I'm eating at the wrong tables, or because there are just slim pickings in Helena?


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