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Big Pimpin'
buzzed, B&W
So, last night the question came up as to whether the lyric to Jay Z's Big Pimpin' was "Big pimpin', spendin' cheese" or "Big pimpin', spending G's." I thought it was the latter, though a friend of mine was saying it was the former. She in fact suggested I look it up and post it to my journal, hence this little narrative.

So, the first site I thought to check was AmIRight, a place where people can submit misheard lyrics. Their page on Jay Z, suggests that it's G's, not cheese.

I then decided to see if I could find it on Jay Z's official site, since this was second hand. Unfortunately, neither the Def Jam, nor the Roc-A-Fella Jay Z pages contain lyrics for the song. Jay Z Online (apparently run by Rab Basement Network) though has lyrics, as do all of these web sites.

Looks like it's G's and not cheese . . . which really does make a lot more sense as g is slang for a grand or a thousand . . .

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I often had that debate with myself when the song would play on the radio. But I concluded that it was "Gs" for much of the same reasons.

In order to "Big Pimp" you must get some "bling." "Bling" costs money, and money (when grouped in 1,000's) is referred to as "Gs."

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