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So, there's definitely part of me that isn't feeling real motivated to go to the corn maize tonight. I wasn't feeling real psyched about it last night, but the Chelsea mentioned that there can be a line to get into it. That seems a bit much to me. Of course, the only frame of reference I have for this is the corn maize back home. We went last year and it just didn't do much for me. We ambled around in the dark for a bit, and that was that. I think the main thing keeping me from wanting to go is the drive - it's only 30 minutes, but for some reason I've been anti-car this last month or so - I think it's because the roads here aren't fun to drive. Even straight highways are better as there's at least passing lanes. The little 4 cylinder in the Civic struggles to pass on these two lane roads out here.

I'll probably end up going, mainly because I want to see some of the people that I don't get to see that often. Touch base with some of my VISTAs in an informal setting, not to mention chatting with some non-VISTA people . . .

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