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Silly tech stuff
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So, I installed the google desktop search tool, mainly because I thought the e-mail conversation threading shown in the screenshots would be a useful feature for me. Looks like I was wrong, as the alogrithm seem to just assume e-mails that are close in date with identical subjects are part of a conversation, and since I send multiple e-mails with same subjects, it doesn't work. It unfortunately doesn't scan network drives either.

We got the new keyboards in Friday, and I'm not impressed. While it's nice to go back to a split key pattern, the keyboard doesn't have the little feet in the back, so you can't adjust the angle. The other big annoyance with it is that the print screen, scroll lock, and pause keys are where you'd usually have your insert, home, and page up keys would be. In other words, when I touch type I end up hitting scroll lock and pause when I'm looking for the home and page up keys. I don't see why standard keyboard manufacturers mess with where keys are. Touch typing is highly muscle memory dependent, so when I move my hand so far, I expect to be hitting certain keys . . . not whatever the manufacturer thought would be a good idea . . .

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One of my co-workers uses a Kinesis keyboard. She claims it makes her type faster, but I'm dubious due to the Dvorak scandal. Althought I admit it's not quite the same; the Kinesis keyboard may benefit from providing lots of buttons under each thumb.

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