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What the hell?
buzzed, B&W
Okay, those who know me know that I'm a big fan of technology in education, but what the hell is Carroll College here in Helena thinking . . . they have calculator requirements listed on this page. Could someone explain to me why almost all their classes require the TI Voyage 200 (note for you old timers, this is the new version of the TI-92) - though this does explain why I saw a girl at the coffee shop using one of these with an introductory chemistry book . . .

Like I said, I think tech is great, but requiring a near $200 calculator for classes that aren't even of calculus level seem absurd. On the other hand, maybe they're requiring because their faculty has really got it, and figured out how to integrate the calculator into the curriculum, which would be awesome. I mean, the built in features on the Voyage 200 are amazing, with lots of built in apps, such as Cabri and Geometer's Sketchpad, but I somehow doubt that all these features have been integrated into the classroom.

Of course, there are some parts of Carroll that really are pretty cutting edge, such as their VP for Student Life keeping a blog (even though he's pretty conservative) . . . argh, and I find all this while I look for recycled/used computer parts for my office . . .

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I could do that math in my head :(


It might not be 100% correct, but I could do it.

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