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I'm such a geek
buzzed, B&W
So, while Kelly has complained about my tech heavy posts, I can't resist this one - Kelly, I'd reccomend you stop reading now.

I'm at Firetower Coffee House here in Helena, which offers free wireless, but not through the One Helena Hotspot program (which I don't really like as they limit you to two hours on the network). But that's besides the point - being an inquisitive guy, I thought I'd explore the network a bit. (I've done this previously at the Mudhouse in Springfield, Missouri, and most WAPs I at least take a cursory look at.)

Using the dos command ipconfig, I found the default gateway, but when I tried to connect to it with my browser, no luck. Apparently the Linksys router they're using allows you to have one gateway, and other IP to the web interface. (Though my quick look through the admin interface didn't show any where to set this . . . ) Anyway, using WinPing from this site, I scanned the subnet, and found a variety of computers on the network. I'd guess INOVATIV-FIRE1, INOVATIV-FIRE2, AND INOVATIV-FIRE3 are the computers they use here, but there were many other computers on the network, and I only see one other laptop besides mine here. Weird. Also found the web interface for the HP 1220C printer. I also finally found the admin interface to the WAP, which happened to be using the default Linksys password . . . anyway, just a random ramble about my exploration, as I avoid compiling my quarterly reports . . .


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