hairylunch (hairylunch) wrote,

Yea for new toys

Our new tech guy has set up a wireless access point downstairs - I haven't brought my laptop in to test it out yet, but it'll be nice to have wireless in our building. It's just a Belkin home unit, but it should get the job done.

The other new toys we're getting here are ergonomic keyboards. These are also Belkin products, but they seem nice to me. Unlike the messed up Microsoft Natural Keyboard Elites that we had previously, the arrow keys are in the normal inverted t-pattern. It does appear that the print screen/scroll lock/pause keys are above the insert/home/page up keys, but that doesn't seem anywhere near as atrocious of a design as Microsoft transposing them.

The USB ports are nice as well, but they're not USB 2.0 . . . it'll be nice to type on a split-keyboard again, though I have gotten accustomed to regular keyboards because of my laptop . . .

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