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(no subject)
buzzed, B&W
Whoa, Apple stock shot up 13% today ($5.23/share) and closed at close to $45. I have no idea why, though the news seems to indicate today was Steve Jobs first public appearance since he had surgery. Crazy. Makes me wish I hadn't sold half the shares I had in Apple a few weeks ago. (I was taking some profits, since I got in on Apple in 2001 for $19.125 (this was before the markets had converted to decimal systems, and were still using fractional points). Almost makes me want to liquidate the rest of my shares and take profits . . .

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the reason the shares went up

The apple shares probably went up because of all the talk about the new ipod... that's just my opinion

btw, you should talk to jason todd whenever you have linix issues. i'm at his house right now, I can give you his email addy if you want once I get home. Just send me an email or an IM if interested. His job is writing drivers for linix, so I assume he knows enough about it :)

also, you going to be in the area at all during the holidays? just wondering. peace out

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