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Missing options
buzzed, B&W
So I just got back from seeing Garden State. Quality flick. What I really wanted to babble about though was how nice Helena really is. It's the size of my hometown, Troy, Ohio, but it's got a nice artsy movie theater, what seems like a decent theatre (I haven't gone), and many other little niceties. Of course it does have a lack of diversity, and while there are plenty of coffee shops, they all close too early. (Okay, so Nightsky back home is only open till midnight on weekends, but that's still later than anything here.) I miss the option of having a coffee shop to go to, where I can sort of lose myself on whatever I'm doing on the laptop, but be surrounded by a diverse group of people, whether it was the youth group in the corner, students of mine while I was teaching, the old people in the corner, playing chess with Dan . . .

Speaking of Dan, he had this post on his Xanga last Friday where he talks about this monster sandwich. Apparently he thinks I could finish it. I must admit it does look tasty . . . I have to admit, I think I'm eating less than in the past . . . Sarah and Kelly and I went to Pizza Hut for the lunch buffet last week, and I really felt like I was slacking . . .

Oh, and let me say, Pick Your President is a nice little summary . . . too bad they don't include any third party candidates . . .