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YMCA and more questions on need
buzzed, B&W
So I went and got a Y membership today. Paid for the year up front, plus a locker, for a whopping total of $320. What a bargain. So I looked around the facilities, and I was surprised by how few people were there. The standard fee is $20 a month, and the facilities are underutilized. (For those who are curious why I didn't pay $240, it's $190/year if you pay upfront, and a $100 building fee, plus I paid $30 for a locker for a year.) I splurged on the locker since I'm planning on biking to work, though there's no bike rack, so I may have to figure something else out. But I'll keep a towel, workout clothes, shower supplies, and other stuff there.

Now, while I was there, I looked into financial assistance. I ended up not finishing my application as the hassle to save 10-100% wasn't worth it. So this reminded me that I was merely visiting the land of the poor. I had the luxury of deciding it wasn't worth the bother, and just paying the total. Though arguably, there are probably poor people who do the same, and decide they're too proud to apply for aid. I still wonder though whether we should help those who are at rock-bottom, or those who are struggling to keep their heads above the water. Like I told my brother, I think I'd help those who are keeping their heads above the water, since they're actively trying, and are probably the better bet. But, I'm repeating societies mistake and blowing off those at the bottom, and perhaps not giving them a fair chance. Who knows . . . societies problems are not black and white, and neither are the solutions . . .


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