hairylunch (hairylunch) wrote,

What's the date?

Okay, now what month is it? Oh that's right, it's September. Officially, fall starts tomorrow with the autumnal equinox. But for some reason, we have snow here in Helena. I understand I'm at a bit of altitude and everything, but summer isn't officially over and there's now on the surrounding mountains. There's definitely a part of me that likes the brisk cold, as it makes you feel alive, but tonight, I ended up getting a little turned around while hiking and man, was it cold with that wind blowing.

It's really just a fluke occurrence though, as it's supposed to get back up into the 70's by the weekend. The snow is pretty too, covering the mountain tops. I even ate some snow when I got up to the top of Mt. Ascension today. That hike was painful though, as I had soccer yesterday, then was out drinking till 1:30 AM or so. It was that feeling where you're hiking, and thinking to yourself, "man, I really shouldn't be winded now . . . this is nothing . . . " but the reality is your body is still in recovery mode. Anyways, good times . . .

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