hairylunch (hairylunch) wrote,

Stereotypes and Prejudices

I was listening to the NPR program stream (Tavis Smiley specifically) about racial profiling and Amensty International USA's Report on Racial Profiling. While it was a pretty standard piece between the Amnesty's black and white point of view versus National Journal's Stuart Taylor, it did raise the question when does a stereotype become a prejudice? (Note that there were lots of other pieces on bias, "rankism," etc.)

Obviously, we all have stereotypes. Does it become a prejudice if you act upon it? Note that most dictionary definitions note that prejudice is detrimental or negative. Is it a prejudice to assume all Asian's are intelligent? Do the semantics matter?

Tavis also raised the point that in our hyper-sensitive society, he now never meets with females individually. How ridiculous is that?

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