hairylunch (hairylunch) wrote,

The last day . . .

I wonder if the costumes here are a sign of conformity or individuality. They're so common that often they seem "normal," and I feel slightly unusual in my own clothes. It seems to me that the costumes are a part of Black Rock City, perhaps the uniform of society.

The camp has definitely been switching gears from the true community that exist, to a party mode. As some have said, the "weekenders" have been arriving, many here it seems just to party.

Looking back over what I wrote Tuesday, I have to revise what I said about Matt and Cal. Cal seems to be truly amazed by what is here, often surprised, feeling the need to point out anything that isn't quite normal. Matt on the other hand isn't amazed by everything, rather he just wears his emotions on his sleeves - when he sees something he likes, you'll know. Both different from my somewhat detached/non-chalant, inexpressive self; neither being better or worse.

The mornings here are interesting. You can watch the camp slowly wake up around you, people offering their excess food, saying good morning to their neighbors, etc, but behind it all, you can still hear the techno pumping from the Playa, a reminder that there are people still dancing from the night (or nights) before.
Tags: 2004, burning man

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