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I just saw the "Critical Tits 9th Annual Bike Ride." Talk about crazy. Probably 2 miles long, taking up the wide of the road, snaking all the way around from the Burning Man and around the Esplanade, women of all ages riding along bare-breasted. A true testament to female empowerment and solidarity.

As a male I found myself torn while I applauded and cheered on these women. Society has conditioned me to the degree where it's like "Wow! Titties!" - the exact opposite of what these women were trying to say. I did get to the point though, where it's like "eh, just another tit."

Earlier today I rode on a giant teeter-totter (technically it was called the titty totter, due to their requesting topless riders.) The thing was huge, probably lifting you 20'-30' in the air. It makes you remember why teeter totters were fun, reminding you of your youth.

Quote of the day was from the girl with the D-cup size breasts that rode after me. After the announcer prodded her into going topless, she pulled her top down, and went up and down a few times, before she yells out "TOO MUCH BOOBIE BOUNCING!" as she covers herself back up.
Tags: 2004, burning man

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