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My legs are sore
buzzed, B&W
So, today I went hiking with the usual suspects, but our ringleader decided to go to the Helena National Forest and Heart Lake. If you look at that picture in the link, we hiked in about 4 miles, and made it to the right side of the lake. We swam in the lake for a bit then hiked back out. Was interesting how different things are west of the Continental Divide. Here in Helena it's really dry and arid, and it still is west of the divide, but it's not quite so arid. There you have much more green growth, like clovers and dandelions and things that are common in the Mid-West, but that I hadn't seen out here in Helena. The hike was also interesting since a forest fire had burned through there last year. The barren trees poking straight up into the sky were a beautiful sight, though it did make you wonder what it must have been like before the fire.


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