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Montana Mores
buzzed, B&W
For those who are confused, that's mores, not some weird plural of more in the title. . .

So, there are definitely things about Montana that's weird. Like the lack of a statewide open container law. Supposedly once you're outside city limits, you can drink and drive. Wonderful. Went to a bar last night (I know, weird for me isn't it?), and since I'm a VISTA, I was drinking the cheap beer. Fifty cent drafts and buck-fifty tall boys of PBR. Hmm, while I can't find a direct link to PBR, it's interesting that they also produce Olympia, Rainier, Stroh's, and many others. Olympia and Rainier are both beers that I've only had since arriving in Montana. (They're piss water by the way, but they're cheap.) There are two micro-breweries in town. I had a really fruity/citrusy IPA at one of them (which happens to be about 100 feet from my back door . . . ) Apparently the thing to do here is to buy growlers, which are half-gallon glass jars. The brewery behind me charges five bucks for the growler, and another five to fill it on Wednesday evenings (six any other night). Not a bad deal if you think about it. A half gallon is 4 pints or 64 ounces. Considering when I buy a six-pack of Fat Tire, it's $7.50 for 72 ounces. Oh, and the IPA there is a strong 6.9%.

So this post isn't solely about alcohol, I did Mount Helena again today. Lots of trails up there, and I got lost for a bit. The plan was to just circle around the base, and do a good four miles or so, but instead I probably did 7 or 8. I knew I was in trouble when I was going up this trail that was probably around 40 degrees, and one of the trails I hit coming down was like a 55 degrees. Crazy. I was concerned about being lost, as I figured if I was on a trial, I'd eventually end up on a road or somewhere familiar, but then the rain clouds starting rolling in. Started worrying a bit then . . . anyway, was a good time, though I think my knees are going to be telling me how stupid I was tomorrow . . .


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