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Man, credit is weird. So, when I opened an account with Bank of America last year in Springfield, Mo, they gave me a platinum card, and offered be a $5,000 limit. I of course told them not to do that, and set my limit at $1,000. (I no longer have an account with them, since they don't operate in Ohio). I've had my Discover card for more than five years or so, and I just called to try and get my limit increased, and they bumped it from $1000, to $1500. I was really hoping to get it pushed to $2k, mainly because I've been charging everything move related. It's not a huge deal, as I've been making payments on it online, so even though I'm spending a lot, I'm paying it almost as instantly as I spend it. The main reason I wanted the increase was since I know that in this next month I need to buy my ski pass and I should also get some body work done on my vehicle.

Anyway, I just find it weird that a company I've been with for 5+ years, with a perfect record, wouldn't increase my limit more than $500, while a bank that I'm just opening an account with is offering me ten-times that. Heck, even the account I opened with US Bank for my move to MT gave me a $2000 credit line.

And as to why I'd rather have the credit line on the Discover than the bank credit card - it's for the cash back savings! - amazing how marketing works isn't it? This is really amusing because I think in the life of my Discover card, I've gotten $20, maybe $40, back. I also have another $20 I can claim right now. Looking through their site right now, it looks like with some of their partners you can get gift certificates - the Omaha Steaks one that lets me get $30 for the $20 I have is tempting. So what's the lesson here? Offer me around 10 bucks a year and I'll be a loyal customer . . .

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