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buzzed, B&W
Well, for those who don't know, I'm a knowledge whore. I like playing with numbers, looking at stats, and just seeing how things compare. I did this about a week ago with Jeopardy stats, going through and figuring out various things aboutKen Jennings, such as his average lead going into Final Jeopardy (I think it was like 20k), if he had a "lock" going into Final, did he ever bet to maximize winnings (no, it looks like he bet to maximize his expected value, never betting an amount that would drop him to just $1 more than double the next competitor), how often he had a lock (something like 84% of the time), etc etc - wish I had kept the Excel file.

Anyway, tonight while I was hanging out at Nightsky, and noticed some black people walk in. *GASP!* This reminded me of a conversation that came up at the local bar a few weeks ago, where Josh (who's way behind on his "monthly updates" ;) mentioned how a Honda employee from California who was out here on business was commenting whenever they saw a minority, something along the lines of "whoa, someone who isn't white!" I pointed out while this wasn't exactly the most productive behavior, that he did have a point, that Troy is rather vanilla, which Josh didn't seem to agree with. Or maybe his point was that Troy isn't that white. I'm not sure.

Anyway, I found this site with information for Troy and Helena, along with with the 2003 US Census Statistical Abstract of the United States. Anyway, looks like nationally, the US is about 81% white. Troy is about 92% white, Helena ~95%. Amazing that I'll be moving to a place with less diversity. In fact, I'll be twice as rare, with the east Asian percentage dropping from 1.7% to 0.8%! Though it does look like Springfield, MO is as diversity starved as Helena, but with more east Asians. Helena's main diversity seems to be Native Americans, which makes sense.

Bleh, amazing how my intellectual curiosity ends up occupying 45 minutes . . .

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echang - you have no idea how rare you will be in Helena. Suggestions for fitting in: 1)Get insanely fat. 1a)Decide now that dating an insanely fat girl is okay. 2)Come to terms that facial hair for you is a winter warmth option and 2a) facial hair for her is a just the norm. 3) Start looking at the engine of your car and wonder where in the heck do I plug my engine in at on those "frosty winter months" 4) Come to terms that you will be the most computer literate individual in the entire state, and 5) Start including such colloquial terms and phrases like: "eh"; "eh?"; and the ever popular "I hit a deer on the way to work today"

And buy some freakin' socks you open toed sandaled Asian hippie!

Well, my comments were directed at outsider behavior in general, in more than one occasion a minority has come to town and made a big deal about how the population is mostly white. I just don't understand what the big fuss is about. Maybe since I've been here most of my life, I'm use to it.

BTW, do you have a digital camera?

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