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I watched Groove last night. Not a bad little movie. While I'm not a big expert on the rave culture, I thought it was a nice portrayal of the scene (or what it used to be before it went commercial). Most of the user comments I've read on IMDB suggest that it's pretty faithful to the scene in the early 90s. It seems to have a lot of the types of characters I've seen/met - the people who go just to dance, those who go to get high, the chem grad student who makes drugs, the organizers, etc etc. It doesn't have a huge, driving plot, rather it's just a series of vignettes, tied together by the party. In that sense it seems to reflect real life - there's no rising action, no real climax, and no closing in any of the characters lives, it's just life - people go through the motions, experiencing things as they come. (Okay, so arguably the scenes when Digweed arrives and "the nod" are both climaxes in the scope of the movie, but not in the lives of the characters.)

The vignette feeling is further enhanced by the number of characters/storylines that are occurring. There's the main character, a guy in his upper 20s or so who realizes how hollow his life has been, his romantic interest who's lived a very different life, but is also realizing the same thing, the two gay guys who spend the whole night trying to find the rave, but fail, the organizer trying to keep everything together, the various DJs, the guy giving massages, the protagonist's brother, and the girl he proposes to.

Quality flick. Check it out sometime.

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