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buzzed, B&W
Argh, I give up. I've been trying to get AWStats working for quite a while, within the Gentoo framework. For those who don't know, for web applications, Gentoo has added a layer beyond portage, mainly to accomodate virtual hosts. This package is called webapp-config. It works by downloading the packages to one location (/usr/share/webapps) and then you run webapp-config, with options telling it what vhost and directory you want the webapp installed to. It tries to minimize redundancy by symlinking to most files.

And that's where I hran into problems - I've spent probably 4-5 hours trying to get the damn thing to work, but no matter how I changed my Apache conf and .htaccess files, I kept getting error messages about not being allowed to follow symlinks. I could probably have got it to work if I just installed it manually, but like I said, I wanted to use Gentoo's framework.

I got Webalizer and Analog with Report Magic working in probably 15 minutes each.