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Cell Plans

Man, it's amazing how necessary I consider my cell phone now. The convenience of being able to call people whenever, especially when I'm out, is huge. I was looking into cell plans today, since I'm going to be moving to Helena, MT later this month. Apparent, my current provider doesn't even have coverage in the area. Well, I take that back - the maps are a bit iffy. There's apparently no GSM coverage in the area, but if you look at the GAIT map, the whole state is pretty much covered. Now, they didn't have the GAIT map at the store, so I didn't get a chance to look at it. For those who don't know, GAIT phones are ones that can use GSM, Analog, and TDMA. Now, since the GAIT map shows coverage in the area, I should get coverage, especially considering that my phone is a TDMA phone. The question is how long is Cingular planning on operating it's TDMA network?

Now apparently Verizon Wireless has coverage out there, but their phone selection sucks. Actually, it's not horrible, but I really like my Motorola phone, and the only Motorola they seem to offer is the V60p, which is the same as my current phone, but with the push-to-talk feature.

I guess I'll have to swing by a Cingular store (again) and check how long the TDMA network is going to be maintained. I really do like my current phone (even if it lacks a camera, color screen, polyphonic ring tones, or bluetooth), and don't feel a need to switch. Though the V600 is a slick phone . . . and again, it's the little things that make it slick. Like situational lights - you can have the external display light up different colors for different callers. It of course has most of the features of a high end phone: mp3 ringtones, speaker phone, voice dialling (weird, dialling can be spelled with one -l or two . . . ), multimedia messaging (which I'd never use), email, USB connectivity, etc etc . . . man, I'm such a gadget geek.

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