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So, I started downloading the torrent for Fahrenheit 9/11. I still plan on going to see it in the theaters, but after reading on /. that Moore was encouraging people to pirate his movie, saw the torrent link and decided to see if it'd work. It's pretty impressive - it's the fastest torrent I've downloaded. It's averaging something like 60 kB/s. (I've stopped the download now that I just read that it's missing 15 minutes in the middle of the movie.) While Moore may not succeed in his goal of removing Bush from office, he's done a very commendable job of at least getting people to consider the issues, no matter if they agree or disagree with his position. I'd be interested to see if more people voted this year than other years - note that I'm not suggesting Moore's movie alone would be the cause for increased voter turnout.

Anyway, hope everyone enjoys their holiday (at least in the States . . . ) Did anyone else notice that google's logo wasn't themed this year? Archived past google holiday logos are here.

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For some reason, I was still getting the standard google logo when I went, not that one. I can't check now that it's 7-5 . . .

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