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IDEA awards

The Industrial Designers Society of America has announced it's 2004 Industrial Design Excellence Awards (IDEA). While I original read this on Slashdot (which posted it since Apple won some awards (note this is one reason why not underlining hyperlinks is bad - unless you mouseover each of those words, you wouldn't know that it's actually four separate pages.

There are some really nice items that won. These awards seem to really show how important simplicity is, and point out that while something can be simple, it can also be very elegant. This hammer is the perfect example of that. Hammers have been around forever, but they can still get better. They also demonstrate how the little things can make all the difference, such as these lab goggles, which have air channels, but still prevent moisture and splashes from getting to your eyes.

Some very cool student designs such as trash cans that don't require you to change the bag as often, and this cardboard toilet.

I like the furniture winners too. These chairs are modular, which is a big plus. It also has levers in the arm-rests, so it can be adjusted while seated normally (makes sense from an ergonomics point of view0. In other words you don't have to adjust your chair, sit back in it, and see if it's comfy, you adjust it while seated. These window shades are pretty cool (here's a better link that shows how the vanes work). Of course, the newer Herman Miller Mirra chair is there as well (for those who don't know, Herman Miller is the company that makes the Aeron, made famous (or perhaps infamous) during the dotcom era. I like how the reviewer for the award says "The product features a low price point" and it's a $700 chair (though that's less than the $1000 Aeron) Of course, other sites have the Mirra for as little as $519, and the Aeron for around $850, but since these chairs are pretty modular, it's hard to say what features you're getting.

Anyway, I could keep ranting on about how great some of the things are (like this Tupperware that looks like glass or a rollable alarm clock) . . . check out the awards yourself.

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