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Helena, Montana
buzzed, B&W
So, I've been researching Helena a bit as it looks like I'll be moving there for another year with AmeriCorps. Yahoo has these stats. Now, does anyone find it weird that the median age is 19.4 years and that the median income is $4,864? Looks like it's a city of loners too . . . though they appear to be highly educated. I find it odd that 80.6% have college degrees or better, but only 68.3% are working "white" collar jobs. I wonder how many people who get degrees end up working "blue" collar jobs?

The culture index of 62.0 is a bit scary, though I'm not sure how much value to attach to that figure when Troy's is 109.

Edit (6/30/2004@11:35PM EST): Fixed link

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The zip code isn't even correct. And i don't think Troy has surpassed 30k people, it's more like 25 or 26k.

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