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The bubble
buzzed, B&W
It's nice to read that even though the tech bubble burst, there are still companies that realize that many of the things that seemed to be typical of dotcoms (free food, lavish break areas, swank offices, etc) can have real value. A great example of this is the description of this office here. The guy who writes this is a pretty well respected software developer. For his company he wants "superstars," coders who are good enough to produce ten times the work of the "merely brilliant software developers." I'm not personally a hard core coder, so I'm not sure if 10x is a reasonable factor, but in my experience of seeing the wide range of coding ability, even in an intro to programming class, I wouldn't be surprised if there is such a difference. Anyway, a guy who truly recognizes the value of quality over quantity . . . even if there's a steep price tag . . .

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Yes, there is easily order of magnitude differences in programmers (Brooks talks about it in The MYthical Man Month). Incidental evidence of this can be seen on topcoder, where there is at least an order of magnitude difference between each color level (even between red and red with white dot that 2 people have (although 3 people have had it before)).

Anyway, the guy should have made his Hang Out space more general. I believe that there are studies that show that random meetings between people is good for idea flow (e.g., the water cooler where people go to talk).

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