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Waiting . . .
buzzed, B&W
So while I wait for the rsync on my new gentoo install, I was talking with someone yesterday and they were like "I was thinking about getting a new cellphone but then I read about the viruses" or something along those lines. At that point I sort of cut them off and asked them if they had even read how the virus works or what it exploits. They hadn't (and neither had I) but w/o that critical bit of knowledge, it seems a bit silly to let it influence your decision.

The only reason this comes to mind is that when I was in the car about an hour later listening to NPR (I could have sworn it was on yesterday's All Things Considered but I can't find it in their archive) they had a bit about it. Apparently it only affect phones running Symbian. For some reason I doubt that the person I was talking to would get a smart phone anytime in the near future . . .


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