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Plagiarism, Part II
buzzed, B&W
So, the discussion wasn't much of a discussion, mainly since I didn't give enough time for it. The demonstration of Bloomfield's WCopyfind that was mentioned in the article I had students read took up a lot of time, as did discussing some survey results. An anonymous poster raised the same reason I had for doing this - mainly curiosity about why anyone would plagiarize. Common reasons:

  • If it's busy work, then who cares?

  • It's the teachers' fault for giving us boring topics

  • I can do this in the real world, so why not now?

  • Related to the above - as long as I don't get caught, it's okay

Most of the students admitting to having plagiarized at some point. When asked if technology made a difference, they said not really. It was easier, but they would have plagiarized anyway. I wish I had had more time to explore these issues a bit more. Overall, a very superficial discussion.


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