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March Madness
buzzed, B&W
So my friend Dan (I'd link to his xanga, but he got a new one and didn't tell me what it was) and I have made a series of bets for our respective alma matris (I don't remember my high school latin well enough to remember if that's the correct plural of mater or not) and their performance in the tournament. The bet is structured by rounds as follows:

  • Round of 32: Cheeseburger

  • Sweet Sixteen: Fast Food Combo Meal

  • Elite Eight: Ruby Tuesday or similar venue for a dollar value less than 800 American pennies

  • Final Four: Ryan's buffet or similar

  • Finals: Chess set (whomever is buying the set gets to keep the set, the penalty is they have to buy the set)

  • Champion: Cold hard cash - $20

Oh, for those who are curious, here's my alma mater and here's Dan's. The bet is interesting in that if both our teams go out in the same round, neither party is a loser. On the other hand, most of the "experts are predicting that UC loses early on, while some have GaTech making it to the final four, at which point I'd be out significantly. I'm hoping that this is the year that UC regains it's former tournament glory, maybe like the 91-92 team. Not likely, but I can hope :D

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I have UC going to Sweet 16, and GA tech losing to Duke in the championship. Or maybe I have GA tech losing to WF in the semis..

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