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School of Dreams: Dances
buzzed, B&W
Humes talks about how the students frequently pull all nighters, but in reality that's their socialization time. The kids study in groups, with parents complaining about how much money is spent on pizza for these all nighters, while they waste time on the Internet, chatting on IM, and just goofing off. He mentions a particular example of the prevalence of IM where a girl is asked to a dance through IM. This is mentioned in the passage where he talks about how atypical these kids are, that most of them have never dated, that you won't see couples in the halls of the school. The Korean girl also has the issue that the guy that asked her is Caucasian and her parents wouldn't approve. The severity of the situation is illustrated by the fact that even though this is her first dance, and she's said yes, she ends up ditching the boy so she doesn't have to deal with a new event in her life, nor with her parents questioning her.

Another girl makes two picture albums, one with a Korean guy that she shows to her parents, and a second with her actual date.

To go to the dance, a guy has to convince his parents that it's "required" to go to the prom. "If it's a school requirement, then it's okay, as opposed to just doing it for the fun of it. There are certain things in my house we just don't talk about, and sex, and dating are at the top of the list. If you bring them up, people just walk away." Crazy stuff these kids do to get their high scores and acceptance to HYP.


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