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Super Long Update
buzzed, B&W
So I've moved out to Springfield, MO now. The drive out was rather uneventful, except for one stop. I stopped to get some gas and ran in to use the restroom. First thing I see is a "Unisex Bathroom" sign, and I'm thinking to myself "Wow, this is pretty liberal for the middle of nowhere in Missouri." Then, as I get closer I notice the handwritten sign that says "Do not gut bait in store." That's when I notice the live bait tubs right next to the Unisex, which is really just a single bathroom, that they've made unisex since it's all that's there. So I'm thinking, okay, no big deal, but then while I'm walking out, I notice another handwritten sign on the door that says "Help Wanted. Must be 18+ and have high school diploma." Made me think I was in total hicksville.

Anyway, Springfield is actually bigger than I thought. I guess I only saw the north side of town when I was here last time. It seems that if I go a few miles south, it's really pretty developed. Lots of urban sprawl though, which makes it seem somewhat run down.

So my big disappointment today was I was driving down one of the main strips, and saw this restaurant that's sign said "Korean and Chinese cuisine." So Im thinking I'm going to have some Korean food, but when I get in there and look at the menu, the only things on it that are Korean are a Korean BBQ and Korean Mandu. I ask the waitress about it, and she says they don't even have mandu anymore, though they do have kimchee. And she does refer to the BBQ as bul goh gee, but says everythings been Americanized. On a positive note though, while I kept driving around, I noticed a few Thai places and an Indian place or two.

Furnishing the apartments been exhausting. I drove all around, looking in all kinds of thrift stores for furniture, but I ended up buying mainly new stuff. Bought some shelves, some trash cans, a folding table, a card table, and some chairs. I still want a couch, but I don't have a truck. Couches were 30-60 bucks at the various thrift stores, so I can afford one, I just have to have a way to get it home. Same thing with a mattress. Hopefully when I go to work late next week, I'll find someone at work who has a truck.

I splurged today too though, buying myself a new razor. Same one as my dad, w/o the cleaning base. Which made me feel guilty later on, so I didn't buy a lot of the stuff I had thought to buy originally, like a light. We'll see how I feel when I get back from my orientation in New Mexico . . . That's it for now.

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dude! springfield isnt that bad! u have smsu there! or wait they may have changed the name! i lived in missouri for most of my life, people are cool as hell!!! good luck dude!!!!!!
love ya

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