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Moving and awkwardness (not related)
buzzed, B&W
I haven't posted in a while. Sorry about that to my faithful reader. (Or perhaps readers?) In either case, I had a semi-busy past week. I drove out to Springfield, MO to find a place. The town was a bit depressing, as it's rather small, and it seems very run down. Perhaps my opinion will change as I explore it a bit. I found a decent apartment, which is a definite plus, and it's cheap too. (Just under 300$/month and that includes water and gas.)

So I think I'm going to go down to Cinci tonight, and odds are I'm going to run into the guy who went off on me. The situation will be even more awkward as I'll also run into the other people who were involved with the situation. They all live in the same house, and at this said house will be a birthday party for a good friend of mine. Let's hope the night doesn't get too exciting.

On yet another thought path, I got my official GMAT scores. (A 770 and a 5.5 for those who care.) Anyway, this raises a dilema. I did well on my GMAT, and have the potential to succeed in an MBA program. I also did well at substitute teaching (apparently a parent called asking my vice-principal to convince me to stay and teach). In fact, I really enjoyed teaching, and there's definitely a part of me that would love to do it. And I did well in my engineering program. So what to do with my life? I recognize that I'm fortunate that I have many things I can do well, but there's part of me that wishes there was just one thing I was good at so I could just do that and not have all these options . . .


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