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The end of substituting
buzzed, B&W
I finished my long term substitute job that I started just before Thanksgiving. I was actually surprised by how attatched to the kids I got. I'm usually a pretty emotionally detatched kind of guy, and it was only a little over a month, so it was surprising to me that I was kind of sad to be leaving the job. Not a cry myself to sleep kind of sad, but a "hmm, this kind of sucks" kind of sad. I also gave out feedback forms and got some feedback that was useful. Seems most of students appreciated my efforts and may have even learned something in the process.

The thing that pisses me off though is the guy who's going to replace me. He can't connect to the students, doesn't realize that the students are making fun of him, and is going to be having surgery come February, so he's going to miss some days then. I never realized how important consistency was to students, but several of the students mentioned on their feedback forms that the worst part of the first semester was having to switch teachers so often.

Anyway, I'm going to start looking online for a place tomorrow, calling landlords and the like, and then I'll be driving to Springfield probably Tuesday or Wednesday.


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