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RSS Aggregators
buzzed, B&W
So, I've been trying to find an RSS aggregator I like. The first one I tried was FeedDemon, and I really like it, but once it gets to version 1.0, I'm sure they'll start charging for it.

  • FeedReader - This one's nice and light, but doesn't seem to have tabs, and the interface seems a bit cludgy

  • SharpReader - I couldn't get this one to work as it had some message about a missing DLL and I didn't feel like looking for the DLL online. I may have to come back to this one as I keep seeing posts that mention it as a good news reader

  • Awasu - This one had be pretty psyched while installing as it seemed to do virtual folders, tabs, and all the stuff FeedDemon does. Trying it out though, it's a resource hog, and it took two minutes just to add a channel.

I think I'm going to try NewsDesk next, but apparently it's built on .NET so I have to install that first. Hope that doesn't mean it's a resource hog like Awasu. Hmm . . . while I've been waiting for the .NET framework to download and install, I've discovered that the missing dll for SharpReader is part of .NET, so maybe I'll try that before NewsDesk.

Oh, and for those who are confused, RSS aggregators are slick software packages that grab headlines from various pages (i.e. the New York Times, Slashdot, and LiveJournal). It's like having your own customized newspaper on your computer. Very nice.


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