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Random encounters
buzzed, B&W
So, apparently this guy I know from high school (Josh Livingston for those who care), was stalking me online, and found this page. (Okay, so in reality he was looking for a webpage I'd set up last year for a five-year high school reunion picnic.)

I do wonder how he found the page - if you search google by my name (notice the quotation marks), you'll never find this page. Though if you search for hairylunch it'll be the first result. I guess the latter is how he found his way here.

Anyway, he mentioned me in his weekly e-mail newsletter - I wonder how many subscribers he has, and if anyone will bother to come read this . . . If you do, leave a comment . . . I'm sure both Josh and I would be interested in seeing the number of active readers of his newsletter. I'm curious as to just how many people he writes to about his life in NYC.

Also, when I originally started writing here, I tried to mention no one by name, just using pronouns as he, she, one, etc. Apparently that trend has died.

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newsletter stats

There are 54 subscribers, about twenty-five or thirty who actually read it every week and probably only 2 or 3 who actually followed the link to your blog.

Also, I did find this site by googling hairylunch as you surmised. I initially found your CPS site in a long list of "ernie chang" sites, and seeking to verify it was actually you (not the renowned biochemist from Calgary), searched hairylunch, which I took from your email address on that site. So yes, I guess I was stalking you...

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