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buzzed, B&W
Bleh, if only I could sleep. I've been trying to sleep on and off since around 1, and for some reason my body just isn't tired. While I know I'm a night person, this is ridiculous. I worked 10 hours today, I should be able to sleep, especially considering that I have a good amount of work to do tomorrow: prepare a presentation, review two other presentation, prepare handouts and evaluations for all three presentations, prepare the sight for our training on Saturday, add the lights to my Halloween costume, and help out with a focus group for two hours. After all that, then I get to celebrate Halloween, but I have to be up the next morning at 8 for the training, that'll run into mid-afternoon. I'll probably be fine once I get up and moving, but my body is going to hate me come Sunday, and I'll definitely be crashing hardcore after work Saturday.

The really sad part is that I'll probably get 5-6 hours or so tonight and another 5-6 tomorrow, and my body is in this weird 8-9 hour sleep mode, when in the past 6 hours was perfect for me.


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