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"Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society."
buzzed, B&W
So is the above quotation true? I was sitting on the toilet, doing by business. I was staring downwards and noticed that I was wearing J. Crew khakis, Ralph Lauren boxers, and Birkenstocks. Further insight noted I was wearing an Express top and a Hanes undershirt.

While I don't believe "clothes make the man," I think they do help define who we are. The expensive brands I'm wearing today would seem to imply that I'm a corporate whore. If one notes th at everything I'm wearing was bought by my parents, does that make them the corporate whores? What does that make me as I wear their gifts? What would it say about me if the majority of my clothes were thrift store buys? How about if I dressed as my brother in his retro style tees and indie band apparel? What does my now pink hair say in comparison to the clothes I wear?


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