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Friends vs. Aquaintances
buzzed, B&W
So, I use to say in high school I have 1.5 friends, and everyone else was just aquaintances. This may still be true, but I write this as I realize I have aquaintances and I'm really bad at saying no. I hang out with this group of people I met through a rather odd set of circumstances, but it's not like the group of people I would have picked. They like going to the club on Saturday nights, and I just haven't been having a good time. I like going every now and then, but they just play dance mixes of popular songs, and that's not the kind of music I want to hear at a club. (I'd perfer techno since any guy can dance to it.) They're also cocaine users. Not that this is horrible, as they're cocaine usage hasn't seemed to made them evil - i.e. they're not coke fiends.

As stated previously though, I just can't say no when they ask to do things. Like last night, I think I would have much perferred going to the Mudhouse and chilling, but that didn't happen. They're just not into the low key things like coffee houses or sitting around and talking like I am . . .


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