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buzzed, B&W
So, X-Fest was a great concert as usual, but I do a couple rants about it.

Crowd Surfing: All right I love crowd surfing, and it's a great time, but guys, have a little respect for the ladies. So if I was female, and going to crowd surf, I'd figure there might be a few guys who try to cop a feel. As a guy, I recognize the temptation that a girl crowd surfing over you presents, so while I don't respect guys who cop cheap feels, I also don't think they're scum of the earth. The thing that bothered me though was the guys who were trying to do more than just cop a feel. There were guys trying to push up tops and bras. Then there were guys trying to tear the tops off. And the worst of the bunch were the 30-ish guys who were trying to reach up girls shorts . . . how ridiculous.

Moshing: Wow, those were some ridiculous pits. Maybe I'm just getting older, but the pits seemed really violent. I saw at least two people having to be carried/dragged out by their friends because they couldn't put weight on their ankles.

Flashing: All right, I can admire a good set of tits as much as any one else, but still . . . but when you're paying more attention to the crowd, looking for girls flashing, than enjoying the music, I don't get it. While I understand that X-fest has picked up this reputation the last 2 years, I just don't get the appeal. If the girl were flashing me personally, I'd totally appreciate it. I don't know, if I want to see tits, I'll go to a titty bar. (Don't get me wrong, there were some great tits out there that I totally admired, but it was more like, "they're there so I'll look when the music is getting slow or something", not "oh my god, tits!"


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