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Uh oh . . .
buzzed, B&W
My laptop has died. It's lasted me since December of '01. It was getting old, with lots of little things going wrong with it: the clasp had broken, the case was cracked by the hinges, the hinge covers were falling off, and I think the NIC had stopped working. But, last night the hard drive failed catastrophically. I was using my computer last night, and then it suddenly gets a blue screen, and when I go to reboot, the BIOS doesn't recognize that there's a hard drive in the system.

While I'm pained by the loss of my laptop, I'm more pained by the loss of the data. I've never kept backups as I've always expected gradual failure, not catastrophic. In fact, the hard drive in this particular laptop had died before, but that had taken several weeks, perhaps even months before it bit the bucket. It wasn't a large drive, but it had a significant amount of data. I'm a bit of a pack rat - it had every paper I've written since around '95, DI stuff, my e-mail since '97 or so, etc etc.

I looked at Dell's site last night, and it looks like the laptop I want will run me around $1,800 before taxes. Ouch. There's definitely a part of me that's tempted to buy one of their cheap desktops (probably around $500 by the time I get the RAM and other upgrades I'd want), until I can afford a new laptop. The other part of me is saying the longer I hold out, the sooner I can get a laptop . . .

Looks like I'm going to be computerless for a while . . .

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Doh, hope I didn't kill it. I was IM'ing someone else last week and it crashed her laptop and forced her to have to format (she was going to anyways, but my message apparently caused the crash that broke the laptop's back).

And I was messaging you last night... eek.. I'm a laptop killer.

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