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Weekend adventure
buzzed, B&W
This past weekend, Kelly, Steph, and I went up to Browning for North American Indian Days, one of the largest pow wows in the country. We left Friday after Kelly got off work. I had planned on getting some stuff done Friday afternoon, but instead I ended up stopping at Firetower with Mel, and then hanging out with her in the park for a few hours. I'm a little disappointed I just started hanging out with Mel. We seem to have good conversations whenever we're hanging out. Sunday we spent at Glacier National Park, hiking to Iceberg Lake. For both nights, we stayed with John, a former bartender at the Gold Bar.

Glacier was the highlight of the trip for me. Was a pretty easy hike, just under 10 miles, with around a 1,200 foot elevation change. The views were breathtaking. Of course, Kelly and Steph might not like all the pictures I got this weekend:
So, we were locked out of Jon's cabin, so I was taking some random pictures . . . notice how excited Steph looks. Kelly doing a Pinocchio impersonation A candid picture of Jon and Stephanie . . . let's hope Steph doesn't kill me for this great picture . . . "Hey Kelly!"

Here are the full albums for NAID and Glacier . . . .


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