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These last few days I've really been thinking about my personality. I tend to like Myers-Briggs, so I looked for some free online ones.

ISTP - "Engineer". Values freedom of action and following interests and impulses. Independent, concise in speech, master of tools. 5.4% of total population.
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On this test, I came up INTJ, with 11% introvert, 50% intuitive, 88% thinking, and 22% judging. As opposed to the one on, this test seems to mean that you're 11% from being neutral, rather than 11% introverted, and 89% extroverted.

The ISTP is pretty different from the INTJ. This description of INTJ seems to be pretty accurate, stressing the perfectionist, pragmatist, and difficulty in relationships. The description of ISTP comes up way short for describing me.

The reason I've been thinking about this is because on Thursday during our training we discussed learning styles, and how they differ for introverts vs. extroverts. I had been thinking earlier that while I enjoy going out to big group activities, I tend to have limited interactions with one or two people. I think I like the big group activities as it gives me options for people to talk to - in other words, if I get bored with one person, I can move on and talk to someone else. Looking back over the past few days, I think I valued the small group activities, as opposed to the larger group. For example, I enjoyed dinner with Kelly and Whitney, walking with Whitney, a lot of the one-on-one interactions I had during the training, etc. Perhaps the most draining event for me the last few days was the party I went to on Saturday afternoon. It was an end of the legislature party thrown by the press. It had various members of the press (mainly statewide people - including the AP, YPR, etc). I did get to meet Jason Mohr, a local guy who writes a blog for the Helena paper. Had a quick conversation about the role of bloggers in the media, and also how internet revenues are exceeding print's.

Okay, time to try going to sleep again . . .

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