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buzzed, B&W
So, I'm just getting ready to leave work now . . . spent most of today compiling quarterly reports for my VISTAs into a composite report for the Corporation. I've been procrastinating on this, and I finally have a hard deadline that they have to be turned in by, so I sat down and did it. I've still got the summary reports to do, but I figure I'll just come in and do that tomorrow morning. Shouldn't take more than 2 hours.

On a side note, Kelly got on my case today since I didn't mention that she organized a little soiree for me last evening in addition to making me cake. It was a nice little gathering, and I did appreciate her effort (even if I didn't mention it here). I think she had plans for it to be bigger and a surprise, but that fell apart (probably since no one likes me).

And for all intents and purposes, I've now made it two days on my quest . . . 38 to go!


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